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Audiometry Services

It is easy to safeguard your employees against losing their hearing as a result of noise at work. An audiometric test, or hearing test, is non-obtrusive and only takes around 15 minutes. Hearing tests are conducted in a quiet room on site, such as an empty office or meeting room.

Audiometric TestingThe employee's ears are inspected using an otoscope to make sure that there is no excess wax present, which can cause inaccurate results. The employee then listens to a series of beeps at varying volumes and frequency. When the beep is audible, the employee pushes a hand held button. It’s that simple. We then analyse the results and create an audiogram – this is a graph showing the employees hearing threshold. We calculate whether the employee has a hearing level that is typical of a person of their age, of whether there is any sign of hearing loss. If it is suspected that there is hearing loss, the employee is referred to a specialist for further investigation.

This test is then repeated annually for the next two years, then once every three years thereafter providing that no deterioration is found. If an employee does show signs of hearing loss we will recommend a scheme of noise protection and then re-test the employee every year until there is no further deterioration.

Workplace Noise Assessment

When a workplace noise assessment is required a thorough survey of all work areas is undertaken, allowing for us to build a picture of which areas of a workplace create particularly high levels of noise. This is done in two ways – using a hand held sound level meter and also using DoseBadges which are small lightweight microphones which clip onto employees clothing and monitor their complete noise exposure for the desired time.

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